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Do I need a website

The majority of us use the internet to search for product, services, trades etc. with better than 55% of those inquiries coming from mobile devices or people on the move, with that figure increasing rapidly.

Business is almost expected to have a web presence these days. If you don’t you could miss out! It gives potential customers a feeling of comfort to know that they are dealing with professionals.

Where are you located?

We are located on the South Coast of New South Wales in Wollongong, however the majority of our clients are located outside the area. The Internet doesn’t discriminate when it comes to looking for a website designer.

Like shopping on the web it’s a seamless process regardless of location, so don’t be put off or or feel disadvantaged in any way.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to complete your new website generally depends on the complexity of the site and if you have everything ready to go. Content provided by the client is often the biggest holdup.

For a standard small business website I can usually provide a mock up within the first week and completion often within 2-4 weeks of gaining your approval.

How much will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type of project. Small business websites can easily cost from $2000 – $5000 plus, however, I am currently offering a special on the very well known WordPress CMS platform from as low as $595. Not for profit Organisations and Clubs etc are usually eligible for a discount, please ask me first. Examples of this type of project is available on our portfolio page. The cost would generally include the registration of the domain name, design, building, basic SEO and search engine submission.

Our hosting plans can include regular software and security updates which would include regular backups of your site and database files. Should your website be compromised or hacked the site can be restored from a backup. Please ask me about an optional ongoing maintenance agreement.

Additional features will be quoted upon request.

What do I provide you to get started?

We will ask you to supply us with the content for the new site. Your Logo, a story about your company or business and the services that you provide.

Images need to be of a good quality and resolution. We can source generic images (sometimes at a small cost) or you may provide us with your own.

Generally not required for content, however, professional copy writers are available should you require their services. Sometimes worth the expense.

We will also ask you for a deposit prior to the commencement of design work, usually 50% of the total works. The balance is due on completion prior to site going live.

How do I get my new site on Google?

We will set basic code to your site and submit to search engines. Your new site will have Google Analytics installed and monthly traffic reports are available on request.

For any major SEO or Adword promotions you would need to discuss with a reputable company of which there are many.

Will I be able to update my website?

Yes, if you have the time it’s a great idea to change and update content regularly. Google loves proactive websites!

Your new website will be created using WordPress CMS (content management system) which makes it relatively simple for the uninitiated to update content, particularly text.

WordPress is very popular and there are many detailed video tutorials and information available to help you with this process. We will supply information you need to get you started.

What if I need help after my site has been completed?

Should you be interested in updating your new website yourself, we will provide you with assistance and training to get you started. Alternatively, we are here to help!

What are the ongoing costs?

I will discuss the cost of hosting with you as costs can vary according to your websites requirements. The ongoing costs would include the domain registration renewal and the hosting fees.

What payment options do I have?

You can transfer your payment directly to our bank account which is displayed on our invoices OR if you prefer to pay using your credit card we accept payments via Paypal to

How do we get started?

For new websites it may be necessary for us to send you a short questionnaire to help us better understand your business. This initial process is probably the most important stage.

We have a more detailed page outlining the process – please visit >